Ghost Hunt of York
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Dear Andy
I would just like to thank you for the marvellous Ghost Walk we experienced yesterday. The students had spent a long day in York and were starting to get cold and tired but our guide, Dan, soon snapped them out of it. He was excellent, very entertaining, we laughed, we screamed, we were spooked and some of us even cried - they don't like blood!!!!! can't remember the last time I laughed as much as I did throughout the whole of the walk. The students loved it and that was all they talked about on the journey home, some even got his autographI will certainly recommend your walk to others I talk to it was brilliant. Thanks Again "Leza Walker Ashton 6th Form College
This was way more entertaining than we had dared to hope! The family went on the Ghost Hunt, starting at the Shambles, and we all had an amazing night! Far better than we expected, the Walk was more like street theatre, it was extremely funny, and scary in equal measures, but suitable for the whole family, including a notoriously nervous 8 year old, who still sneaked her way boldly right up to the front at each stop!! The Guide was absolutely fantastic, he kept the crowd absolutely enthralled from the moment he paced up the cobbles of the Shambles, until the very last. A truly memorable evening, and by far and away the best value entertainment we have had in a long long time
Hello I was on the Ghost walk on the 12th Jan with Andy Dextrous. It was great fun and yours truly was singled out constantly for fun and games. The walks are interesting, funny, spooky , tragic tales and well worth the £5 for a nights walk.